Easdale RIB Rendezvous 2013 Report

To all those who came to the Easdale RIB Rendezvous 2013 we hope you enjoyed your on water experience. Our experiences operating Seafari have taught us never to rely on the weather and to remain flexible at all times. We appreciate everyone supporting the on water decisions without question. We think it lead to a totally different experience for many.Saturday, the forecast was difficult but one had to remain positive. As we left Easdale and headed to Fladda we knew the answer about Jura. Pigs Bay was going to be the limit. Mad Brad and Fiona Me confirming our thoughts. The run to Crinan was interesting and the presence of the larger RIBs escorting and ‘herding’ ensured everyone’s safety. Crinan is ideal for a large group with ample space to tie up, the coffee shop etc. Indeed Crinan provided a focus with everyone there and able to chat all things boating. We counted 31 RIBs tied up here.
Loch Craignish gave some more interesting seas particularly as the group rounded the Dorus Mor with wind against tide. We were on Neap tides so it is easy to appreciate what this stretch of water could have been like had it been Spring tides.
Reaching Croabh Haven we met up with a group of around 9 RIBs (Dougcrock) who were to join us at 0930 Saturday morning. I heard they had opened their curtains at Dunstaffnage and had quickly drawn them again before heading to Easdale for lunch. Returning via Cuan Sound, the passage to Easdale was again best described as interesting. Sunday’s tour around Lismore disintegrated as the sunshine turned to drizzle and mist. Another challenge of a navigational nature and again perhaps a realisation that the sea in which we play has many moods. The ‘McFadyen’ guided tour under Clachan Bridge at 1430 sort of didn’t happen. Alastair deciding that he was too early to meet the group had called in at the Tigh an Truish to sample an ale and was to take his first mouthful when a group of RIBs passed safely by the pub window. Ah well, best laid plans.
Despite the weather we hope everyone enjoyed their time here at Easdale and would like to thank all those who supported the event and
particularly to those who helped in making the event run smoothly. 

Easdale RIB Rendezvous Team.
Tony Hill