Keep Safe/Radio

At Sea

Those taking part are responsible for the seaworthiness and safety of their
own RIBs and passengers. Advice only is offered on routes and conditions.
Participants must make their own decisions and are responsible for their own

The passage Easdale to Oronsay and return is approximately 65 miles.
Limited fuel may be available at Scalasaig (Colonsay), please ensure
you have sufficient fuel.

Clothing – the sea temperature in Scotland is still very cold. You need good waterproofs as a minimum. Should you
find yourself in the water then you increase your chances of survival if you are
wearing a floatation suit or a drysuit.
Skipper experience. A trip in the company of others increases safety
however you should be familiar with your RIB and be competent in rough
Boat equipment – We suggest you thoroughly check your boat and equipment
prior to travelling to Easdale. You should have sufficient navigation equipment
to undertake the passage yourself, the boat will require both a VHF radio and a
mobile phone. Good communications are essential to a safe weekend.
Throughout the weekend we strongly recommend that boats make passage in
minimum of groups of three or group up with similar sized boats. We are happy to
make the necessary introductions. We do however ask for everyone’s peace of mind
that boats check in and check out at certain points, routine safety.
Boat size to undertake this journey is always a difficult call. Many of us
participating have undertaken these journeys in  Seariders or smaller RIBs on
calm days but there are days when Seafari’s 11m cabin RIB decides to stay in
In the event of poor weather alternative sheltered tours will be suggested.
The area is blessed with hundreds of islands and miles of mixed coastline. It is
a rare day when an alternative would not be available.

You are responsible for your own actions and

This is exactly the same as if you are using your boat on
your own. In a group there is likely to be support readily available, but
ultimately it is up to you to make sure that you are competent and prepared. If
you are new to boating then investing in an RYA powerboat course is highly
recommended. In this gathering should you wish, Seafari will help you buddy up
with someone else either in a pair or a small group.
Be prepared
Know how to handle your boat, and have
pride in doing it well. “Seamanship” may seem like an old fashioned concept, but
there’s a lot to be said for it. We do not want to look like a clueless rabble,
know where you’re going, or if you decide to follow someone else, be sure that
they know where they’re going. As well as carrying the normal basic equipment,
think about what else you’re likely to need. There are no chandlers, marina
shops nearby. You should ensure your boat is well found and has sufficient fuel.
Seafari Adventures (Oban) operates a fleet of 5 modern passenger RIBs from
Easdale. They have extensive local knowledge and will be available to offer
skippers advice throughout the weekend. Their ticket office will act as the
communications centre for the gathering, tel 01852 300003.
A handy reference is the RNLI Sea Safety: The complete guide, you can
access an online CD of this by clicking here


CHANGE TO VHF SAFETY PROCEDURE – The Seafari Office no longer listens in on Channel 77 or 16. We suggest the following – the Seafari cabin RIB will be listening in to both Channel 16 and 77. Participants wishing to check in/out should do so with Stornoway Coastguard who have been informed of the change. If you need assistance just shout on Channel 77 and hopefully someone on ERR will hear you. You can always telephone Seafari Ticket Office 01852 300003 and they will contact our boats.

COASTGUARD AREAS. Clyde has now closed. All VHF traffic from the northernmost point of Jura (including the Corryvreckan
heading north is now STORNOWAY Coastguard. All VHF traffic from the north tip of Jura southwards is BELFAST Coastguard.