Launching and Fuel

Launch and recovery
RIBs to around 6.5m can be launched over the shingle beach at Easdale. A
4X4 is useful but not necessary for smaller RIBs. Larger RIBs will need to use
the ferry slip at Cuan 3 miles away but please note the ferry operates a half
hour service and must not be interrupted. The Cuan ferrymen will assist with
parking etc. Alternatively launch at Puffin Divers, Oban, Dunstaffnage Marina or
Croabh Haven and travel to Easdale by sea.  Cars and trailers must be returned
to Easdale as there is limited parking at Cuan.
Car and trailer parking
There is a large public car park at the rear of the village (200m from the
harbour) Overspill parking at the rear of Highland Arts Car Park . There is
ample parking on the outskirts of the village.
Alternatively launch at Dunstaffnage Marina, Puffin Divers, Oban or Croabh
Boat overnight mooring
Eilean Eisdeal, owners of the sheltered harbour asks that all boats using the harbour facilities overnight pay a fee of £10 per night. The harbour does not receive ay public funding. Improvements such as the new pontoon has to be purchased by the community. It is important to this community that improved berthing at Easdale’s sheltered harbour whilst limited, continues.

There is a frequent ferry service between the harbour and the mainland – (about 200m) and
we are sure many RIBs will be ‘on the move’
Petrol and diesel.
There is alongside diesel and petrol at Puffin Divers North of Easdale but this is a 20 mile
round trip by boat. At Oban (16 miles) there is petrol at supermarket prices. We
suggest you fill up as you pass through Oban. Seafari  Adventures and other
commercial vessells operating obviously have fuel for their
own boats. It is illegal for them to resell fuel and to avoid embarrassment we
request you do not ask them to supply.

The passage Easdale to Oronsay and return is approximately 65 miles. Limited fuel may be available at Scalasaig (Colonsay). Please ensure you have sufficient fuel.

Bars, Restaurant, Local Stores
The Puffer Bar (
and The Oyster Bar (
will offer food throughout the weekend.
Balvicar Stores is 3 miles from Easdale.