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Easdale Island boasts one of the most sheltered harbours on the West Coast of Scotland. Centrally located to cruise some of the finest temperate seas in the world Easdale Island is a boater’s paradise with pristine clear waters and a cruising ground suitable for all levels of boating. There is wildlife in abundance from
dolphins and whales to white tailed sea eagles. Enjoy secluded island anchorages and visit outstanding marinas.
The harbour moorings can accommodate all types of boats to around 8m but they must be capable of taking to the ground on Spring Tides. Just outside the harbour there are swinging moorings for boats to 15m requiring a swinging mooring. a fee of £10 per night is payable for use of harbour facilities. For further information on mooring please contact the harbour master

Seafari offer information on the cruising ground and many island residents enjoy the local islands with their own boats. Contact us or plase visit for more information about the island.
– just ask for advice. We are here to help

Anglers and Divers

Easdale Island is the only community based within the European Special Area for Conservation – Firth of Lorne. It boasts the second most richly diverse number of species in UK waters after St Kilda. For the Diver, there is a wide range of diverse dive sites to be enjoyed. The Sea Angler must read about the local skate fishing. One of the hotspots is just 3 miles away but it’s not just skate that can be caught. 
Bring your own boat and base yourselves in Easdale, we are here to help you get the best from your holiday.